A Little Piece about Nothing and Everything

Sitting in the chair

Having nothing to say and nothing to do

I wait

I wait for your tender Spirit to come and awaken this un lively heart

The drums beat to match the rhythm of your Native American feet as you dance night and day

Day and night you see

The injustice that goes around in everyone’s head like those cartoon birds swirling around a cat

How ironic it is that the noise around is what helps us to be still and wait

Interesting that you don’t work like that

You in majesty and glory

Are always in the wilderness

Always hiding

Not from your beloved ones

But to beckon

To come dance to the wild beat of Your heart

How I long to dance with the King and yet I am afraid of the shadows that lie ahead of me

For what will I find in the deep and wild

I fear the darkness will overcome me if I do not find you before the night comes

Yet my curious eyes wander and excitement overturns the fear as I step in

I am overwhelmed by the smell of pomegranate and honey that causes me to thirst

I climb the mountain that lies before me and look to see the view

As far as the eye can see the land that lies before me is lush in greens, yellows, blues and everything in between

Tears stream down my face

I don’t know why

But I am so happy to be alive

And then a hand forms around mine and I look to see my Maker

My lover

My friend

You wrap your arms around me as we watch the sun set

Every dark deed that had an assignment today

Has ceased

For today I am alive

Free and loved

Some may think this has nothing to do with anything but I beg to differ, it has everything to do with everything

You see, you are the one sitting or standing, or whatever reading this little letter about nothing and yet something stirs within you

You can’t quite make out what it is, but you are burning

You can be the one to step into the wilderness

Climb the mountain

And let Him love you

The question remains will you do it?

Will you run into the nothing to gain everything…