“I have my frie…

“I have my friends, family, my husband and Jesus. I love my life with all the ups and downs. It’s worth it all. For all of eternity I can carry this love I have for the people around me. That is a beautiful gift to have.”-Me

Contemplating today


Breakfast @ Tiffany’s

Don’t you just love the smell of the kitchen in the morning? I have been eating eggs, bacon and an english muffin almost everyday for about a week now. The sound of sizzling bacon and oh when you hear that toaster pop, and you wish the bread would fling up in the air so you can catch it like you’ve seen in the cartoons. 

Or when you pour your favorite breakfast juice (mine is orange) and hear the lovely sound of the bottle makes when the liquid falls into the cup. Or even better when you look outside. Whether gloomy rain clouds or the sun shining through your windows, when your making breakfast. Nothing can ruin your day. Well…..  unless you burn all the food and your kitchen goes up in smokes and your freaking out so much, that you can’t even find the fire extinguisher. Then I could see your day being well… a bit depressing. Hey at least you can have a laugh about later right?….maybe?…..ok no.

It has been one of the most glorious experiences known to date by the chef in the making. I have just discovered that I really enjoy cooking. No not just enjoy, but love. Yes I am in love with food, and preparing it for my friends and family, even total strangers would be fine with me. I just want to eat, feed the world and let everybody be merry!

I know it’s insane and maybe a little strange to the common folk of this generation who always goes out to eat, or goes straight to the box of Mac and Cheese. Don’t get me wrong I love going out to eat and eating Mac and Cheese. But there is a world literally out their waiting to be exposed and needing to be tasted. Oh how the Lord delights in us to give us such a wonderful gift of hunger and fellowship.