Once Upon a Time at Cinder Falls

A silent alarm fills the air

A blanket of wintry white

The trees in a deep slumber

My men in their foxholes

Waiting for the unknown

Death walks among us

These men of Easy Company

My soldiers

My brothers

As I walk among them I look into their faces

They are not the same as they once were

Joy has abandoned them

Fear consumes

The icy wind begins to burn through them

I tell the men the nightmare is almost over

Deep in my mind

The horrors I start to replay like a jammed up movie

Sounds that will haunt me forever

Faces full of despair never leave my sight

What hope is there?

That beautiful snowy day would soon turn into the nightmare that was to happen

Bullets grazed my face

Shells awaken the trees

Men scatter

I cried out to my brothers yet I hear nothing at all

Get in the damn foxhole I scream to myself my back away from the enemy

I begin to laugh

As I looked up to the sky and I saw fireworks not bullets

Not dead bodies but the 4th of July




I ran to the others

My brothers crying out for help

Instead of the smiling faces I remembered so long ago

Screaming in agony

Blood trails everywhere

My men were freezing


I felt helpless

When I look back to that day of days

I will never forget that my brothers and I stood together alone.