“I have my frie…

“I have my friends, family, my husband and Jesus. I love my life with all the ups and downs. It’s worth it all. For all of eternity I can carry this love I have for the people around me. That is a beautiful gift to have.”-Me

Contemplating today



The kindness of your eyes puts a smile on my face

I am overwhelmed with the joy that floods my very being

Your love is like the ocean seas

Filled with life and has a depth like no other

It stings with an open wound, yet cleanses me

Your love

Reminds me of the tide

You come and fill me up to then draw me away into… the beyond

I adore the way you woo my heart

Your gentle touch and sweet words ever so change the nature of me

The storms come and go and try to over take me

But I cling onto the Rock like a little starfish holding on for dear life trying not to get swept away

As the violent waves try to take me I look up and see the light that goes round and round

I remember that Your word never goes void

That your words bring me life

That I can hold on to what is true and remain steady


The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Know


Has been my best friend

And worst enemy


Can be damaging at times

You give your heart



You give it your all



You try to work things out



People say love is the answer

People say that love can cure anything

If love can cure

Then why do the suffering


Why does the hate

Rage on

Why are the sick


Why are the broken-hearted


If all we need is love

Then why are we all scared to love

We want to see change

But the change must begin from within

Without suffering

There would be no


Without hate

There would be no


Without ever having a broken-heart

There would be no


A life without love

Is no life at all

Is love worth all these things?


Darkness had once consumed me

A long time ago

The father of lies

Abandoned me

Left me naked on the ground

His lies


Selfish ambition 

Was like a blanket where I could find the way out





Like a waterfall stream down my cold wet face

My suffering is like the vast ocean

Never seeming to end

Tears keep falling

Mother couldn’t help herself so why would she help me

Father wasn’t around so why would he save me

Love is all I ever wanted

To be daddy’s little girl

Someone to talk to 

To be free

Free from this curse that envelopes my very being

I need to breathe 

But I suffocated in my tears 

Drowning in agony

I was lost



A slow and terrible death



The sound of the waking dawn came calling

He showed me love



My Father is there

By my side

He was there in the dark hours 

Through the many tears

He was there

He showed me everyday

But these blind and scabbed eyes could not see it

Every time I wake

He has given me life

The one thing my heart has desired

The freedom that comes… 

The unconditional love that comes…

The Man that satisfies

He is here 



My footsteps will still be in the sand

As the ocean waves try to wash their appearance 

My presence will still be there 



For the love I have been longing for

My whole life 

What is this love my heart longs for?

Who is this person, that I desire?

Come blow upon this heart that is barely hanging on

Speak to me oh wise mouth

Take my hand and let us leap together

I will take you and we will fly

I am ready

I am ready to fall into Your loving embrace

I am ready to live for You

My Beloved I am ready


A Thousand Pieces

I can’t write

I am lost for words

I can not look in to your eyes

I can not feel love

Yours words to me were of comfort and kindness

And all I could offer you was hurt and sorrow

Thorns and needles

I just let them pierce you

Without even a care

I let you drain through the white sheets

I am a cold 


Denied time and time again

My heart was like a burning fire

Like a spirit waiting to be risen among the ashes

It calls my name

But I can not

For my flesh and spirit are too far gone 


Dead to the world

Now you are too far for me to reach

I begin to doubt 

Your breath is my oxygen

Why can’t we love

I’m scared

Tears stream down my cold hard cheeks

I can not

I can not love

I can not feel

I can not give you my all

It is lost in the black hole

It will never come back

I want to love you

I want to try

Fear has surrounded me

Left in the darkness

Naked and alone

But then you came

I thought I could never feel this way again

My heart arises from the grave

Buried beneath the dust I awake

My heart beats slowly against the rocks on the shore

Your body next to mine

Forever and always I am free